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Quick and efficient commercial clearance in Norfolk

If you're moving your store or office in Norwich or around East Anglia, you should hire a reputed, trusted and responsible clearance service.  With a professional approach at very reasonable rates, Canary Clearances are your ideal commercial clearance service.

Having carried out many office removals, we know how much the materials in your office matter to you. Canary Clearances is a name you can trust.

For a mess-free and liability covered office clearance in Norwich and throughout East Anglia, call us.

Quick and efficient commercial clearance in East Anglia

  • Office clearance

  • Shop clearance

  • Post tenancy clearance

  • Clearance for estate agents

Depending on the size of the job, Canary Clearances can help you with a house clearance or any other domestic clearance throughout East Anglia and the UK. Call us for more info.

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